When purchasing power kites always make sure an experienced person shows you how to set up & fly your kite, failure to heed this advice could result in injury to yourself and damage to your kite. THESE KITES ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL!  Whatever kite you fly;  Never fly near power lines, airports, roads, railways or in storms.  Choose a large flying area and do not fly if people enter it.  Please remember, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFE OPERATION OF YOUR KITE.

           Power  kites flown in stacks produce considerable pull and are not suitable for inexperienced flyers or persons under 16 years old.  Always fly within your capabilities and only in winds you are confident in.  Never attach yourself to these kites as serious injury may result.  The activities of Kite Traction and all related activities, flying and moving with kites, carry a significant risk of personal injury or death.  Kite Buggying is one of a number of 'advanced' power kiting activities which can be dangerous.  These activities should only be attempted when you have become an experienced power kite flyer and are not suitable for small children.

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