About us

      The aim of these pages is to provide an insight into the exciting sport of traction kiting, and to provide novices, and anyone interested in getting into the sport with some basic information about the choice and use of equipment.

We are an informal group of kite enthusiasts who regularly meet up on the South coast beaches to fly power kites that are used for traction activities such as buggying, kite surfing, jumping or scudding, (skidding along on your heels). Most of the people that meet here are from the local towns, and surrounding areas however the rest of us travel from the London area, Kent, and further.

 My first time with a power kite I went 'flying' (unintentionally) on the end of a 4 metre kite.  But I am glad to say the experience didn't put me off.  There have been others though  who didn't get off quite so lightly, did you hear about the guy that went feet first through someone's kitchen window on the end of a stack of flexi's?

This sport is very addictive, very soon you'll want to upgrade equipment, go even faster or maybe learn to kite surf.

For those who wish to race there are regular racing events held throughout the year at places such as Lytham-St.Annes, Pembrey, Hoylake and Saunton. It is necessary to obtain PKA membership and a racing licence if you want to participate. For further details see the PKA website



    For a female angle on the sport...

    Women and Power kites.... Click here


If you see us and want any more information, come and have a chat, which is what we do anyway if there's no wind!.

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